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Hello! Meet the crew of poor victims that appear (or will) in my retarded comic! These are their personalities according to me, and many might or might not be based on the few facts Capcom has leaked out about them. They are in not way the 'right way' these robot masters are. So please don't tell me they "wouldn't do that" the point of this comic is make fun off them and with them. Eventually, I'll replace these sprites (courtesy of Sprites Inc.) with drawn mug shots.

Current Crew :

DWN 009 Metalman - Appeared in Issue: 00

Despite being one of the oldest robot masters, he's one of the most childish. He's a prankster at its best. He loves to play jokes in other robot masters even if that sometimes includes risking himself down to a beating. He's very laid back and hardly will get upset about anything. He's very close to Crashman whom he treats as a little brother. He can be found with Crashman attacking the sugar supplies or playing games or sleeping.

DWN 013 Crashman- Appeared in Issue: 00

Although he's one of the oldest in activation, Crashman was designed and programed to look, think and act like 10 years old child. Therefor, Crashman is perhaps the embodiement of hyperactiveness. He likes to go anywhere with Metalman who is like an elder brother to him. Hyperactive, DDR-maniac, videogame rabid player and consumate candy hoarder. He can be found about anywhere in the fortress that has either a videogame, DDR machine or a giant TV screen.

DWN 021 Topman - Appeared in Issue: 00

Another robot master with a way childish attitude. He's as laid back as Metalman although he doesn't like playing jokes on people. Topman loves to play games and seems to have a rather 'cute' attitude. Doesn't dislike candy but he isn't crazy about them. He likes to drag Grenademan to most of his 'adventures' which can be simply playing Hide and go Seek.

DWN 054 Slashman - Appeared in Issue: 00

Unlike the previous robot masters, Slashman is perhaps the most serious of them. He spends most of his time working with animals and loves nature. However, the fact he sees life with reponsibility and takes thngs seriously doesn't mean he won't join the fun if he feels interested. Although he's a fierce fighter he's very kind hearted and a pacifist, he'd rather not fight if he can help it. Loves videogames an Sci-Fi movies plus Animal Planet.