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-=- General Information Rockman Sites: If you haven't been on any of these sites before, you've been living under a Rock!

Rockman.EXE Online Ciel Network Planet Megaman MHHO Purple Ruby Red

Mechadrake Assemblies

-=- Fanwork Sites:

Peacekeeper: A collective all around Rockman series fanfic archive in the works. Help this site to grow, send your fanfiction works there!

C.H.I.B.I. Dear Friend Tabby Kitsune's popular webcomic. If you thought Rockman fandom couldn't get any more insane, think twice!

BujitsukanMana.EXE's artsite, do I need to say more?


Stardroids.netTerra's art and webcomic site, one of the best Rockman related webcomcs and one of the veterans on the field you can find around the net.

KawarimiRyouko's personal artsite, go take a look!

: Rockbuster : This boy had no Banner in sight! Make one! That aside, another Rockman hand drawn comic you have to check!