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Welcome to Abnormal Gravity, my Rockman comic. As Metalman has, oh so kindly, appointed, this a PWP (Plot? What plot?) comic. I have no idea what the next comic will bring, but knowing me, some embarassing public display of how our beloved bosses spend their time while the Doc is working on the Subway *hinthint*. The comic is based on Robot Masters and Net Navis aside from the main Rockman cast. Why? Because, my friends, the RMs and Navis deserve some love... or some mocking, your pick.

Recent Updates : Thanks to our lovely Mari, there's more calendars this year, a little late, we know but they'll be bimestral from now on. Also you'll notice there's now backgound music streaming in the main page. You can turn it off by clicking the happy Crystalman, or turn it back on by clicking the grumpy Timeman..

And finally, I'd like to post a very nicely done webcomic: catch(Exception) If you like Battle Network / Rockman EXE you'll find this worth a look.

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